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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Expert Kabaddi: Telugu Titans Hand Tamil Thalaivas Second Defeat

Tamil Thalaivas yielded to their second dynamic demolition in progression as they lost to Telugu Titans 28-33 on the third day of the Pro Kabaddi rivalry at the squeezed Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium on Tuesday, 9 October.

  Playing their first session of the sixth season, Telugu Titans rode on star plunderer Rahul Chaudhuri's nine strike centers and Iranian Mohsen Maghsoudlou's all around effort (three attack centers, four handle centers) to down Tamil Thalaivas. Chaudhari scored nine and made basic ambushes for the Titans. Ajay Thakur (9 attack centers) and Amit Hooda (5 handle centers) were the best players for Tamil Thalaivas anyway their effort wasn't adequate. The home gathering, wanting to take inspiration from their stunning back against UP Yoddha the past night where they struggled by and by from 7-27 to lose 32-37, dashed to a vital lead riding Athul MS's viable attack and Titans' star cheat Chaudhari being passed on of the tangle in his first undertaking.
Tamil Thalaivas drove till 8-7 preceding a vociferous home gathering who were drinking up the south Indian derby. In any case, starting there on, they lost ground as the Titans shaped a late rigid to take a sound 16-9 lead and go into the break 17-11. Chaudhuri, who wandered down from his captaincy before this season to give over control to energetic all-rounder Vishal Bharadwaj, started the second half by recouping the of Manjeet Chhillar in the principle assault to moreover expand Titans' lead. Manjeet Chhillar was a stone at the back for Tamil Thalaivas as they mounted a bounce back in the second half. Following 25 minutes, Telugu Titans driven 21-16 and the match hung in equality. Thalaivas Third Game in Three Days The exhaustion was showing up on Tamil Thalaivas as they played their third match in three days. Telugu Titans were the fitter gathering with their protect and raiders looking more sharpened. It was a Titans' Tuesday Tho for Chaudhari's gathering as they kept up their poise over the latest couple of minutes of the match and didn't enable Thalaivas to make a bounce back. Amit Hooda accomplished a high five in the last snapshot of the match yet it wasn't adequate. Tamil Thalaivas committed essential errors all through the match and slammed into 28-33 squash.

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