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Saturday, December 8, 2018

How to Make Dosa at Home ? easy recipe

How to Make Dosa at Home ?
Make fresh dosa resembles in lodgings. when I could make great dosa's today, I cannot put off in imparting the formula to you. so on breaking my month long hole, here I am. I inspired a Happy News to impart to all of you. Truly at long last my blog got its very own area name. I am glad and cheerful looking my blog with .com augmentation. Because of my blog perusers and blog companions for all the support.
Resulting in these present circumstances lodging style dosa, got the formula from Revathi Shanmugam's Tiffin Varieties book. I just gave an attempt and the dosa's turned out really great. When I tasted, it was increasingly similar to karnataka/mysore style dosa in taste. the shade of the dosa is decent brilliant shading, which might be a result of including sugar. This dosa hitter will work fine, in the event that you are arranging masal dosai for your visitors. 
NOw , you can easily make dosa as like hotel you eat its better ,lets note how to make Dosa.
In Dosa Recipe  

formula from revathi shanmugam's tiffin assortments 

makes around 25 dosa's 

dousing time : 4 hrs 

maturation time: 8-10 hrs. 

- - - -  Dosa Recipe 

Planning Time: 40 mins 

Cooking Time: 05 mins               

Serves: 6 

Formula Cuisine: Indian 

Formula Type: Breakfast 


Standard bubbled rice/puzhungal arisi - 2 container's 

Crude rice/pacha arisi - 1/2 container 

Urad dal - 1/2 container 

Toovar dal - 1 tbsp 

Chana dal - 1 tbsp 

Fenugreek - 1 tsp 

Sugar - 1 tsp 

Salt - 1 tbsp

Wash and drench the rice, dal' s, and fenugreek together. absorb them water for around 4 hours. 

In the wake of drenching grind them into a smooth hitter. add little water while crushing to get the smooth hitter. You can utilize your mixie to crush. I utilized mixie and it just took 5 minutes to complete the granulating work. exchange the player to a major bowl, with the goal that it has space when the hitter copies on aging. add salt to the hitter and let it mature on your kitchen top for medium-term or 8-10 hours. 

After aging blend the hitter well and add sugar to the player and give a blend. 

Warmth a dosa tava, sprinkle few drops of water to discover the tava got warmed up or not. the water should sizzle and dissipate soon. at that point include a drop of oil and utilize a cut of Brinjal or a potato to spread the oil on the tava. 

Pour 2 stacked laddle loaded with hitter to the focal point of the tava and make a major hover with the assistance of laddle. splash oil to the sides of the dosa and let it turn brilliant shading and flip the dosa with the goal that the opposite side is additionally cooked. it takes 3mints for each dosa to be high cooked

Serve hot with sambhar or chutney. I will before long offer my lodging sambhar formula with you. 

Its such a simple formula, of splashing rice and dal's as one and granulating them together, rather than pounding independently. likewise the dosa turns out fresh and comes in pleasant brilliant shading. be that as it may, eat the dosa hot. its not great, when the dosa gets chilled off!! 

One of my companion had attempted twice this dosa, after I had posted here. it creases her family adores this dosai! 

Masala dosa is a totally addictive and the most well-known among South Indian breakfast recipes.Beautiful vibe and mouth watering assortments of cooking styles makes it really flawless.


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